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Welcome to the Global Raptor Information Network!

                The Global Raptor Information Network (“GRIN”) is designed to provide information on diurnal raptors (hawks, eagles, and falcons) and to facilitate communication between raptor researchers and organizations interested in the conservation of these species.

       The Methods section provides details on the ground rules and various features of GRIN, with notes on the literature sources and taxonomic approach being used in the species accounts and species database.

       Several portions of GRIN, including notices on upcoming meetings of interest to raptor biologists, recent raptor news, requests for assistance, and, especially, the raptor researcher homepages, depend on contributions from site users, and we welcome your assistance.

       Professional raptor researchers and serious amateurs are invited to become a part of the raptor researcher database -- just use the “Participate in GRIN” form to the left to create a personal homepage like the examples seen under “Researchers.” The log-in feature is required only for editing data on homepages, and there is no need to sign in to use any other GRIN feature.

        It should be emphasized that GRIN is a dynamic database, and no portions will ever be “complete.” Additional information from both older and current literature sources and bibliographic records are being added daily. Some species accounts are more extensive than others, but all are subject to constant revision and additions. Obvious omissions from the species accounts usually indicate that we have not yet had time to add these data. However, you can help us by calling corrections and additions to the GRIN database and species accounts to our attention, and any other advice or feedback will be warmly welcomed!

       Travis Rosenberry, GRIN Coordinator

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